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MyObjectives is a team-based goal scorecarding solution that helps teams achieve maximum engagement while having fun and producing better results.

MyObjectives: Goal Management for Teams
Develop SMART Objectives

Set a solid game plan with your team.

Align Objectives

Align all team objectives to organizational goals.

Track Accomplishments

Watch your score rise as your team accomplishes set objectives.

Achieve Organizational Goals

Team triumphs build momentum, leading to bigger wins for the organization.

Navigate and accomplish your work with purpose

MyObjectives empowers you to become fully engaged with your goals and work.

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Management by Gaming

MyObjectives utilizes the Management by Gaming methodology to fuel the process around goal management. Management by Gaming is a system of related functions that arranges the resources of an organization to achieve a set of desired goals.

The method requires executive goals, promotes objectives relevant to those goals and rallies teams around achieving successful objective scores.

Management by Gaming combines Management by Objectives (MBOs), Objectives and Key Results (OKRs), Balanced Scorecards (BSC) and modern gaming mechanics.

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