Leadership and Advisors

Lisa Gifford

Chief Executive Officer, Founder

Lisa Gifford, Director, Strategic Accounts

Lisa has had a profound impact on developing Alliance as a company. She led the launch and expansion of the company’s flagship software, Aware, by creating personal relationships within the VR community. Today, the Aware software is used by over 60 rehabilitation service providers across the nation. Lisa started at Alliance in 1982 as an administrative assistant and progressed into the company’s President and CEO in 1995. Lisa’s education includes undergraduate studies in Language Arts.

Lisa enjoys walking on trails and tries to walk on local trails when she travels to meet customers. Lisa’s goal is to walk on trails in every state and territory in the US. 

Dr. Lee Cousineau DC


Dr. Lee Cousineau, Wellness Advisor

Lee has been a member of the Board of Directors for Alliance Enterprises since 1981. Lee has over 35 years of experience in consulting with business and government organizations, as well as extensive training in adult learning theory, systems theory, learning organizations, and in facilitating organizational change. Lee holds a Doctor of Chiropractic degree and is Board Certified in Applied Kinesiology.

Lee loves Corvettes and has been driving them ever since the newer models have allowed for his height.

Rick Gifford


Rick Gifford, Founder

Rick’s experience spans over 40 years, specializing in software development processes, accessibility, software languages, and application of technologies. Rick has played an integral part in creating and directing the development of Alliance technologies, including Aware Enterprise, Aware Express, Interface Manager and MyObjectives. Rick oversees the creative direction for future applications and services. He is passionate about helping people relate to technology. Rick holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science.

Rick is an avid bicyclist, motorcycle rider, and the company’s self-proclaimed Chief Geek.

Wendy Massey

Director of Operations

Wendy Massey, Director, Operations

Wendy has 30 years of experience in company operations and has been a member of the Alliance team since 2004. Wendy oversees Human Resources, Legal, Accounting, and Administration for the company. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in History.

Wendy loves to read and share information with anyone who will listen.

Sean Campbell

Director of Technical Services

Sean Campbell, Director of Technical Services

Sean is responsible for the MyObjectives business as well as new product development efforts. Sean oversees all aspects of the MyObjectives business from global and domestic partnerships to product management and software development efforts. Sean works to improve structures, deployment processes and building top-performing teams while providing solutions and strategies that deliver superior value to our customers.

Karen Dunn

Director of Education and Communications

Karen Dunn, Director of Education and Communications

Karen brings more than 20 years of experience in vocational rehabilitation to Alliance. She has been with Alliance since 2015. Karen has a background in federal regulations, program evaluation, fiscal management, and adult learning styles. She is a key contributor to Alliance’s annual getAwareLive conference. Karen holds a Bachelor of Science degree.

Karen moved to the Pacific Northwest to enjoy her love of being near the mountains and the ocean.

Wendy Gerbing

Director of Project Management

Wendy Gerbing

Wendy oversees project and software implementations and expansions ensuring customers have a professional and positive experience. She has been with Alliance since 2014. Wendy holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English with a Writing Concentration and a minor in French. She is also Project Management Professional (PMP) certified.

Wendy is a RV camping enthusiast and typically goes camping with her family nearly every weekend in the spring and summer months.

Shoshanah Bain

Deputy Director of Alliance Labs

Shoshanah Bain, Deputy Director, Alliance Labs

Shoshanah is responsible for introducing new technologies and approaches for applications at Alliance. She bridges the gap between new ideas and working products, prototyping new features and applications. Shoshanah has been with Alliance for almost 20 years, completing the first development for many Alliance technologies, including modules for Aware Enterprise VR and BEP, Aware Express, and MyObjectives.

Shoshanah loves video games and Corvettes.