Engagement Game
Engagement Game

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Engagement Game is the free, premier webcast covering the past, present and future of gamification in management.

Engagement Game will bring together the most critical elements of harnessing the power of employees in the workplace, through engaging technology and tools. Engagement Game showcases the most respected experts in industries such as gamification, leadership, Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) and The Balanced Scorecard.

Speaker Topics

Jane McGonigal
Gaming: The Future of Management - Observing the transformation of adding gaming to the workplace.
Mario Herger
Enterprise Gamification - Why gamification works, and how it can be applied in a work environment.
Paul Niven
The Rebirth of the Balanced Scorecard - Adding gaming and imagery to the Balanced Scorecard to engrain the methodology in organizational culture.
Ben Lamorte
Harnessing the Power of Gamification - Analyzing the current wave in management, OKRs and how gamification improves engagement.
Brett Knowles
Your host for the Engagement Game, Brett, will be sharing his expertise in performance management as he navigates the following topics and introduces speakers.
Chris Pieper
Chris will be co-hosting the webcast, providing insight to how gamification enhances employee engagement in the workplace.

Upcoming Speakers

Chuck Coonradt

The Roots of Gamification


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