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Data-driven agency solution

Aware Analytics

Improving Agency Outcomes with Aware Analytics.

Aware Analytics, in combination with Business Intelligence (BI) reporting tools, establishes a dynamic connection to Aware data. This connection equips analysts, managers, and others in your agency with the ability to connect, analyze, and report agency data without needing programming or IT support.

Data-driven agency solution

Aware Analytics features include:

  • Discover trends, patterns, and outliers
  • Leverage a managed data warehouse
  • Utilize tools for easy data access
  • Template reports for your convenience
  • Report findings quickly to stakeholders


Simplify data access and data relationships.

Aware Analytics software is comprised of a Business Intelligence Adapter, Reporting Tools, and Template Reports. The Business Intelligence Adapter is a sophisticated organization of your VR information to simplify data access and data relationships.

With the Business Intelligence Adapter, the solution equips analysts and managers with ease of access, analysis, and reporting for agency data without the need for programming or IT support.

Aware Analytics contains a library of template reports for the application of your choice (VR, BEP). These reports are pre-built based on program data and incorporate visualizations to understand program trends, forecasts, outliers, and other data relationships.

Would you like to know more about Aware Analytics?

Aware Analytics accesses the Aware database to generate simple to complex reports, charts, and graphs in real time.

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