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A new way to submit data to Aware

Aware Portals

Alliance offers the Aware Consumer and Vendor Portals which are designed with efficiency, communication, and empowerment at their core. By integrating these portals into your agency’s operations, you can significantly enhance the quality of services, reduce administrative burdens, and foster a more collaborative and efficient environment for both consumers and vendors. Embrace the future of vocational rehabilitation case management software with our portals and let your staff and partners focus on what they do best.

The Aware Vendor Portal allows vendors to access real-time fiscal data.

Streamlining Operations and Empowering Partners

Transform how your agency interacts with vendors through our innovative Aware Vendor Portal. This platform is specifically designed to alleviate the administrative burden on agency staff by enabling your vendors to take an active role in various operational processes. Agencies can allow vendors using the Aware Express for CRP product to securely link to their Aware Vendor portal to increase efficiencies for both agency and vendor.

Aware Vendor Portal features include:

  • Centralized Resources. Provide vendors with easy access to essential resources, simplifying communication and ensuring that all necessary information is readily available.
  • Enhanced Communication. Utilize the Conversations feature to efficiently manage reminders, requests, and queries, thereby reducing phone calls and freeing up staff to focus on more critical tasks.
  • Simplified Referral Process. Like the Aware Consumer Portal, the Vendor Referral form allows for direct data entry into Aware, streamlining the referral process and reducing data entry requirements for agency staff.
  • Efficient Service Management. Use the Actual Service tool and Service Request features to empower vendors to manage service records and suggest services, transferring a portion of the workload from agency staff to your vendors.
  • Draft Authorization Communication. Improve the efficiency of discussing and finalizing Authorizations with the Draft Authorizations feature, facilitating smoother interactions between vendors and the agency.
  • Streamline Invoice Processing. Vendors can directly submit invoices for payment through the portal, significantly reducing the administrative workload on agency staff and streamlining the payment process.

Increase Accuracy with the Aware Vendor Portal

I love working with Alliance because of the passion everyone here has for work we do and people we serve.

Alan Rhoten

Alliance should be proud of the system they built that has helped us show compliance and internal controls.

Associate Director, VR

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