The fiscal chief from the Rehabilitation Services Administration will provide federal guidance to state agencies on financial reporting related to the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act.

Alliance Enterprises, Inc. (Alliance) announced today that David Steele, the fiscal unit chief at the Department of Education’s Rehabilitation Services Administration (RSA), will offer new financial reporting recommendations at the company’s getAwareLive! conference on July 27. The conference brings together vocational rehabilitation (VR), disability advocacy, and workforce professionals from around the country with the purpose of improving work opportunities for people with disabilities.

Steele has worked at RSA for over 12 years, specializing in financial management of grant awards. He’s responsible for the financial oversight of over 300 grant awards and more than $3 billion in federal funds annually.

The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) has been a hot topic in the VR community since the landmark legislation became law in 2014. The WIOA brought the Departments of Education and Labor together to work on workforce initiatives, notably to improve opportunities for people with disabilities.

In Steele’s presentation, he’ll offer federal guidance that positions state agencies to be in full compliance with accurate, complete and timely WIOA financial reporting, reducing the risk of recovery of funds.

Alliance Enterprises is the nation’s leading provider of case and financial management software for VR providers throughout the United States. Alliance’s Aware software was first deployed in 1994 and is now used by 38 state VR agencies, 22 tribal nations, and more than 12,000 VR professionals to help people with disabilities find and maintain meaningful work.

“We’re pleased to have David share his guidance with our rehabilitation professionals at getAwareLive. His insights and recommendations are timely and vitally important to VR agencies and the millions of people with disabilities who they serve,” said Darcy Schab, Director of Business Development and Marketing at Alliance Enterprises.

Steele joins former RSA Commissioner, Janet LaBreck, as a keynote speaker at getAwareLive. To learn more about Alliance’s two-day conference, go to