HR visionary to integrate MyObjectives goal achievement software-as-a-service into its suite of employee gamification services

Alliance Enterprises announced today the expansion of the company’s international footprint by partnering with Gamification Nation, a London-based human resources and management consulting firm. Gamification Nation, led by Chief Game Changer An Coppens, has been recognized as an HR technology visionary by the World HRD congress, compiling over 15 years of experience in HR and Learning and Development.

As a MyObjectives training and coaching affiliate, Gamification Nation will help deploy and support the MyObjectives team engagement software throughout Europe and the Middle East. The firm is a leading provider of gamification design for government organizations and companies seeking to create a more energetic workplace and to spark greater employee engagement.

“Studies show that employee engagement is very low, particularly in Europe,” said Coppens. “Thanks to games and social media we’ve grown used to having immediate feedback, but that’s not happening with annual appraisal process once or twice a year. We love MyObjectives because employees receive input in real time in a fun way.”

Coppens is a frequent speaker at gamification conference around the world and the author of a book on the subject, Gamification in Business.

“This is a great partnership as we collectively believe now is the time to replace the broken system of performance management that centers on annual employee reviews,” said Alliance Enterprises CEO, Chris Pieper. “It’s time for more fun, better communication and more collaboration among teams at work. Humans love participating in team-based processes that are fun and engaging. With this new partnership, we offer a unique solution that taps into this elemental passion, resulting in higher employee engagement and greater productivity.”

In 2015 Alliance released MyObjectives, a software-as-a-service that adds game elements to traditional goal-setting methodologies like OKRs and the Balanced Scorecard. MyObjectives features real-time team scorecards, dynamic progress charts, and intrinsic rewards that provide instant feedback as employees work toward achieving team goals and objectives.

Alliance recently upgraded MyObjectives in June of 2016 to target the European market, adding multilingual support for German, Italian and Spanish users. For more information on MyObjectives 2.0 release, read the full news release.